Squid Game P2E

Indie NFT-game with Play and Earn feature

Contract: 0xAf9f2c9c562145CDa46f2F4b03Ad95181cad693f

Audited by: Bitrise

Play with NFT-characters to earn Crypto and NFTs. Compete with others in leaderboard to win highest rewards! Squid Game P2E has designed a 2D pixel top-down NFT-game on blockchain where users can play with approved NFTs and explore, fight and survive in squid themed game.

Play To Earn
The game has P2E fund that will be shared among game winners after each season. The top1 player of each season will win Legendary NFT
Token Utility
The $SG tokens are used as in-game currency to buy rare NFTs, lands, avatars, etc. More utility will come later.
NFT-characters are used to play the game and win rewards, avatars are used to boost rewards and as a profile picture in social medias. NFT-lands can generate passive income from all played games.
Demo v0.7 features
- Map of the first game
- NFT contracts (ERC1155)
- Metamask + Walletconnect Login/Logout
- Buying NFTs (on testent)
- Playing with your NFTs
- Green light, red light game
Making website, smart contacts (for in-game token and NFTs), early demo version of the game, setting up social media accounts, conducting Private Round and Presale.
Goal: building community of early investors
Launch/Post Launch + NFTs
Launch on PancakeSwap, onboarding influencers, building community, listing token. Finalising demo version, preparing for pre-alpha.
Conducting NFT-character sale, listing on secondary market (opensea)
Goal: attracting gamers and NFT lovers
Game Release
Releasing alpha version of the game, implementing P2E feature, making at least 1 full working game + rest room. Building more partnerships, AMAs, listings. Conducting second NFT-character sale (with generative art)
Goal: attracting gamers, project listings
Continuous Development
Improving the game, release of public beta version, people are talking everywhere that you can earn money by playing the squid game P2E. Release of NFT-lands and attempts to metaverse
Goal: scaling the game, improving the game
What are tokenomics?
Supply: 100,000,000 (100%)
Presale: 42,86%
Liquidity: 35.14%
Private round: 14.3%
P2E fund: 4.67%
Development and Marketing: 3%

We plan to attract 10BNB in private round and 30BNB in presale. Most of the funds will be used to form Initial Liquidity.

Token contract: 0xAf9f2c9c562145CDa46f2F4b03Ad95181cad693f
Why should I participate in private or presale rounds?
Participation in private and presale rounds will be able to purchase tokens before it goes public. On top of that private round participants will get addition benefits like: free NFT-character airdrop*, special badge in telegram and discord.
*airdrop only for holders (hold till release of NFTs)
How can I start earning in the game?
When we release alpha version, P2E feature will be implemented, you would be able to play the game, complete with others and rewards in $SG tokens (from P2E fund).
What makes Squid Game P2E unique?
It is integration of different NFTs to the game mechanics. For example, NFT-characters are used to play the game, participate in leaderboard and win rewards. Whereas, other NFTs have their own properties that is integrated to the game economy. Other unique property of Squid Game P2E is generative NFT-charater arts with limited supply, so players will be able to play with unique characters in the game. 
CMC Listing request
We are currently submitting token listing request to CMC
Not Final Product
  • Play and Earn in games like SquidGameP2E
  • Early access to private sales from MetaIndie.Games
  • Passive income from airdrops of $SG
  • Access to future indie games in the metaverse
  • Developers can apply for fundraising in metaindie.games (get $10k+)
$SG token is now live on pancakeswap
Current stage: Demo V0.7
Launch Date

November 17th, 17:00 UTC

Starting market cap: $40k